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“Who am I?”, por Spencer Doman

Today I was excited to receive a book in the mail called “Quem sou Eu?” (“Who am I?” In English).

It’s written by a friend and #DomanMom named Mariana Reade. I’ve been the Staff Coach for the Puertas Reade family for the past 4 years and am proud of what they’ve achieved with their daughter, Carolina. The book, written in Portuguese, is written for a young child trying to understand and make sense of having Down Syndrome.

Mariana wrote the book using her own experience as a special needs mom. I was honored when I opened it and saw my name in the dedication. It reads (doing my best here to translate from the original Portuguese): “From the first moment you looked at my daughter you saw her with respect, equality and openness.” I got goosebumps.

Thank you @diversidade.quemsomos , you’ve made my day!

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